By: Brent Madden

Pastor Mark and I spent a week in Haiti working alongside Nurse Jenny, a longtime friend of mine who has been serving God in Haiti for 5 years as a nurse. Our goal for the trip was to help people in need and to discover how God would have Redeemer Hoboken serve there as a church.
We met Madam Cidone, a widow sleeping in the “dryer” half of her small house and in desperate need of a new roof. While removing the old roof, we noticed wobbling in the walls and realized that the block walls were not properly tied into the columns. Furthermore, the columns did not have adequate reinforcing and were for the most part useless.
At this point, we faced a moral dilemma. We only planned on replacing the roof, but we knew we could not install a new roof on a deficient structure that could collapse in another earthquake. We brought in a crew of Haitian masons to cut out locations in the walls, dig out footings, install proper reinforcement, and pour six new columns on the house and two on the front porch. We installed new front and side doors before finally replacing the roof!
As we hammered the last nail into the roof, Madam Cidone was pacing back and forth through the house waving her hands and praising God. The Lord used us to answer Madame Cidone’s prayers. Though she had nothing tangible to give us in return for her new house, she promised to pray for us every day. Now, what could be more valuable than having a woman whose prayers God obviously answers pray for you?
On a side note… Pastor Mark finds an unusual amount of joy in demolition! Not sure what that implies, but he’s no stranger to a hammer and chisel.
Nurse Jenny introduced us to Jedee, a carpenter by trade who also pastors the local church. If you passed this church in the US, you might mistake it for an abandoned lawnmower shed or chicken coop. But despite its size, 50 people pack inside every Sunday for worship. It also serves as a place to do monthly medical clinics and weekly literacy classes.
Jedee donated a piece of land in the mountains where we can build a medical clinic for the folks that currently receive medical care in a shack. This will be completed over time and through multiple phases, but we hope to establish a primitive clinic on our next trip.
August 27th to September 3rd Pastor Mark and I will return to Haiti to complete this mission. If you are interested in joining our team, there will be a short meeting near the stage of the auditorium after service on April 10th. If you cannot join this meeting but are interested in learning more, you can contact me.
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