Welcoming children into the presence of God is a priority at Redeemer Hoboken. We’re committed to a variety of gospel-centered programs for children of all ages, led by devoted, trained volunteers with a wide range of teaching experience. The Children’s Ministry team encourages the church’s youngest members to meet God and worship in an age-appropriate way—through stories, art, music, play and reflection.


For an inside look of a typical class and the ideas that formed our Children’s Ministry, watch our video from Children’s Sunday.


Redeemer Hoboken Children’s Ministry has been shaped by a lot of great books.  Check out some recommended reads.

Sunday Classes

Little Lambs (0-24 months)

The nursery is a place where babies and toddlers can play under close supervision. We understand that it can be a big transition for children to be left in a new environment, and our childcare workers will happily work with parents to ensure a smooth transition.

Noah’s Ark (ages 2–3)

Here, children will begin to experience the presence of God in their own world through an engaging program that’s just right for independent two and three-year olds. They’ll enjoy short Bible lessons, as well as songs, crafts, snacks, and lots of free play.

Beginning Elementary (ages 3*–4)

Children in all of the elementary classes will worship with their parents in the beginning of the service, and then be dismissed during the Offering the Gospel to Children moment. In the beginning elementary class, children will dig deeper into God’s word through active storytelling, singing and art activities.

*Children should turn 3 by September 1.

Lower Elementary (Ages 5*-Grade 1)

Redeemer Hoboken has a specialized program for lower elementary students, which encourages them to meet God and worship in an age-appropriate way. Using the internationally-known Children and Worship curriculum, developed by Christian educators Sonja Stewart and Jerome Berryman, our trained teachers tell Bible stories using wooden figures and felt pieces. Students are then encouraged to respond to the stories by interacting with the teaching materials, reading supplementary books, or reflecting through drawing or sculpture.

*Children should turn 5 by September 1.

Upper Elementary (grades 2–5)

This class is designed to appeal to children’s interest in sequence and timelines. In the fall, they begin with the story of Creation in Genesis and, through the course of the year, end with stories of the new heaven and the new earth in Revelation. Such a sequence lends us to think about the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. This Trinitarian thinking supports the students’ use of the Apostles’ Creed on Sunday as part of their class time. These lessons are an excellent preparation for being communing members of the church.

Teen program

Teens at Redeemer Hoboken are partnering with teens at local churches for some exciting activities—including paintball, laser tag, and much more.

Elementary Summer Arts Program

During the summer months, talented members of our congregation have led the elementary students in worshiping God through drama, art and music. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had Broadway singers and musicians, professionally-trained painters, and published children’s book author-illustrators—among many others—work with the class in a way that has been enriching and enlightening to both students and teachers alike.


To learn about preparing your child’s heart for the Lord’s Supper and Redeemer’s process for children and communion, read the official guidelines.